1.05 Acres of Off-grid Living. Short drive to Winslow, Flagstaff & Albuquerque

Address: N/A

Acreage: 1.05

GPS coordinates: 34°57’14.4″N 109°20’20.4″W

City, State: Chambers, AZ

County: Apache

Property Taxes (annual): $3.16 (may change after title transfer)

Zoning: Vacant Residential

Financing: $130/month for 30 months. There is a $149 documentation fee due at signing (for filing of the deed and mobile notary) and $99 down payment towards the principle. 

Apache County, located in Arizona, boasts a range of captivating local attractions within a 2-hour radius. The renowned Petrified Forest National Park presents a surreal landscape adorned with vibrant petrified wood and ancient fossils. Nearby, the historic Route 66 leads to Winslow, where visitors can stand on the corner famously referenced by the Eagles’ song. The awe-inspiring Canyon de Chelly National Monument offers a glimpse into Native American history through its ancient ruins and striking rock formations. For those seeking natural wonders, the Meteor Crater showcases an impressive impact site, and the stunning vistas of the Painted Desert provide a unique blend of colors across its terrain. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and historical charm, Apache County is a treasure trove of local attractions awaiting exploration.

Investing in vacant land in Chambers, AZ, presents a promising opportunity due to several factors. The region’s proximity to attractions like Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert positions it as a potential hub for tourism and recreational activities, which could drive demand for future development. As the area is situated along historic Route 66, there’s a chance to capitalize on nostalgic travelers seeking unique experiences. Additionally, with the growing interest in sustainable living and off-grid lifestyles, vacant land in Chambers offers the possibility to tap into this market, creating value through eco-friendly and self-sufficient living solutions. Considering the potential for appreciation in value over time and the inherent flexibility that land ownership provides, investing in vacant land in Chambers, AZ, holds the promise of both financial gains and the satisfaction of contributing to the region’s growth.